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Full Disclosure - the technology I use in my laundromat

I figure if I am going to be a reliable source of information about laundromat technology, I should be up front about what I am using so I can expose any potential biases I might have.

So here’s what I am using as of July 2022:

  • We use Electrolux washers and dryers

  • No coins – we use Laundroworks card system

  • We use Cents POS for over-the-counter sales and for managing our drop-off and pickup/delivery business

  • On our screens we use Atmosphere for entertainment and Yodeck for our digital signs

  • We use When I Work for scheduling and team messaging

  • Quickbooks for accounting, Gusto for payroll

  • We have Windows laptops and we have Chromebooks and we Microsoft 365 for email and productivity

  • We use an Alexa speaker for automated announcements leading up to closing time.

I think that is the main stuff.

Regardless of what we use – I’m just a big fan of technology. I think I can be unbiased when I talk about POS systems for example, because honestly there is nothing I am so wedded to right now that I would be totally averse to switching out if I found something that would enable use to provide a better customer or employee experience.

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