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I think the world needs a non-vendor source for info about tech innovation for laundromats.

Hi! Welcome to Laundrogeek.   I’m Brian Riseland – an ex-Microsoft employee and now – owner of Laundry Genius, a laundromat in Everett Washington.    My goal with this experiment called Laundrogeek is to help laundromat owners use technology to operate more effectively and provide better customer and employee experiences.

I started in high tech in the early 90’s just as the PC industry was transitioning from character-based DOS to graphical user interfaces of Mac and Windows.    A couple years later the Internet started to take hold and then the innovation really started.  I feel like the same thing is happening with laundromat technology now.

Back in the 90’s there were hubs of tech news, reviews and how-to’s like PC Magazine and Walt Mossberg’s “Personal Technology” column in the Wall Street Journal.   These publications went deep on new products and made it easy for consumers to know what worked and what didn’t.   No one needed to rely only on the information they could get from vendors and then try to piece together an informed opinion on their own.

That’s what I’m going to try to do with Laundrogeek.   It’s an experiment and it may fail miserably, but I feel like it is worthwhile trying and learning.    

First I’m going to try to cover the highlights from the Clean Show. After that – who knows where I’ll go next?   Probably POS or payments -- let me know what you think.  Comment below, hit me up on the socials or shoot me an email at

Also – if you’d like to contribute to Laundrogeek – reach out to me.  I’ve only been at this a year and I don’t know it all.   It’s more than a one-person job and I think it will be great to have other points of view than my own.

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