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  • Brian Riseland

The next generation laundromat....

Interesting session at Clean Show on day 2 about what the next generation of laundromats might look like. One of the attendees pressed the panel that they weren’t visionary enough – that everything that they talked about was available today.

True for the most part...and while we'd all like folding robots, it just reinforced the incredible transformation that has happened in just a few years. The recent evolution of technology in laundromats has been very visible – implementing POS systems, using mobile apps, digital screen advertising, CRM systems and new machines with touch screens.

I think the next phase will be far less visible, but will dramatically enhance the customer, employee and operator experiences. It won’t be about folding robots or waterless machines or who knows what. Because of the investments we have all made – the equipment and processes will likely remain the same for at least as long as our current leases.

So I believe the next generation will be software led and data driven – invisibly operating behind the scenes to augment the equipment and processes we have.

One only has to look to the world of entertainment and sports as to what the “next generation” of laundromats might look like.

These are just a handful of examples, but I’m sure you can look to your favorite sport and find similar cases. The games look pretty much the same. The balls, the bats, the field of play and equipment has little – if at all. But now stadiums are armed with multiple cameras and players & equipment carry sensors that generate data that is translated in to insights that is used to enhance the experience for players, coaches, executives and fans.

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Aug 10, 2022

Where I work now (K-12 school system) in the past two years we have installed pixelot cameras and recently HUDL cameras to enhance the local school fan experience and help the student athlete with improving their skill set.

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